Abendrealschule in the morning, afternoon or evening

Abendrealschule in the morning, afternoon or evening

Bildungsgang Abendrealschule

A school leaving certificate is the prerequisite for an apprenticeship. It goes without saying that the higher your degree is, the more opportunities you will have.

In the eveving classes you can acquire the following degrees

  • Hauptschulabschluss Klasse 9 (HSA 9)
  • Hauptschulabschluss Klasse 10 (HSA 10)
  • Mittlerer Schulabschluss (MSA)

Admission requirements

- at least 17 years old, 10 years of school done
- Proof of at least six months' professional activity or current professional activity. Part-time jobs, training, housekeeping, FSJ, work and travel or unemployment (pro rata) are credited.

Classes can be attended in Lippstadt in the morning and in the afternoon and in Soest in the evening. Schooling comprises 20 to 22 hours per week. The training period is two semesters to aquire HSA 9, three semesters for HSA 10 and four semesters for MSA.

We offer the educational programme Abendrealschule:

- in Lippstadt (morning or afternoon course) - admission after the summer holidays (August) or on February 1st

- in Soest (evening course) - admission after the summer holidays (August)


Work theory

BaföG - financial support

Financial Support (BAföG) is possible from semester 3 onwards. Look here for further information. 

Have we piqued your interest?

Then simply contact the Hanse Kolleg using the link below. We are at your disposal for questions and advice.