Pre-courses of the Abendrealschule (especially for migrants)

Pre-courses of the Abendrealschule (especially for migrants)

Pre-courses at the Hanse Kolleg

You have come to Germany from abroad? You want to learn German and you are interested in an apprenticeship, a profession or further school education?

Adults from the age of 18 can acquire telc language certificates at the levels A1 to B2. You will also receive basic tuition in subjects such as Mathematics or English.

After passing the telc examination B1, you can attend the courses  Abendrealschule, Abendgymnasium or Kolleg, provided you meet the requirements

Admission requirements

- at least 18 years old
- Proof of at least six months' professional activity or current professional activity. Part-time jobs, training, housekeeping, FSJ, work and travel or unemployment (pro rata) are credited.

In Lippstadt, lessons can be taken in the morning or afternoon, depending on the course. On four days you will receive lessons of 18-20 hours per week. You will need one semester for each language certificate.

We offer the educational programme Pre-courses of the Abendrealschule:

- in Lippstadt (morning or afternoon courses) - admission after the summer holidays (August) and on February 1st


and others

BaföG - financial support

Have we piqued your interest?

Then simply contact the Hanse Kolleg using the link below. We are at your disposal for questions and advice.